Low Maintenance

We get asked a lot to provide low maintenance gardens on a budget. Whilst a low maintenance garden does not not really exist, we can create an easy maintenance garden. Raised beds and pot planters are two options that are great for easy maintenance gardens. We love creating and bespoke and tailored features that suit your needs, just let use know what what is in your head and will draw it up and make it a reality...no matter how weird and wonderful.

This garden project was for a client who has suffered a stroke and could no longer maintain the front garden borders. There was a tight budget to work to so gravel was the only choice for the base. On top of this, the client will place planters to maintain in the future.

The project required some very intense hedge cutting and a complete removal of everything from a rockery, to alder and a small but well rooted hazel. All dug out, removed and edging installed on a very tight budget has left the garden looking smart and manageable, ready for new beginnings.