Land drainage captures and removes water retained in the topsoil and sub soil that simply will not shift. This is taken away and directed into either a soakaway to drain naturally away in a more convenient location or directed into a waste water drain fro removal. 

There are several types of land drainage techniques - our standard installation includes perforated pipe, gravel and membrane installed on a gradient, French Drains involve membrane and gravel to direct this water runoff and our very own unique Mossy Rock drainage system creates many smaller soak always around your garden for hastle free and clean installation.

A lawn with appropriate drainage will be healthier and stronger, with less weeds and less moss than a waterlogged lawn.

Developed by us, Keeping Your Lawn Mess Free

Innovation is a key word in our company. We have developed a land drainage system that works especially well with small lawns where full land drainage would be overkill and is very destructive to your lawn and garden.

Our process quickly installs lawn drainage into your lawn without leaving any signs of us being there. It works great for areas that not entirely waterlogged (which will need full land drainage) but needs attention.

Cost effective, efficient and unique to us.  

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