The Mossy Rock professional gardening teams will create, bring back to life and maintain every aspect of your garden.
If you have specific gardening services in mind, then please contact us to discuss them and we would be happy to advise and help.
Garden & Estate Maintenance Package
Complete garden maintenance for a fixed price spread over 12 months. Simple, affordable and a guarantee that your garden is kept in professional order.

Our team of knowledgeable, passionate and creative minds, add that special touch to your garden.
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Regular Gardening Maintenance
Our maintenance service is tailored to you.

Organic bi-annual plant and rose feed
Green waste removal
Organic pathway treatment
Garden design/advice
Plant delivery
Shrub & Tree Pruning
Our highly experienced teams will shape, prune and encourage growth.

Pruning is a highly skilled job which requires specific knowledge and the gift of foresight. What you prune in the present will determine the shape, health, height and direction of the shrub or tree a few months down the line.
Hedge Cutting
Specialist ladders, waste removal, tools & fuel always included as standard.

Any size and length hedge cut up to 7m tall.

FREE green waste removal and fuel
Lawn Care Program
Keep your lawn looking healthy and growing strongly. Our lawn fertilisers and moss treatments are 100% organic and pose no health risks to you, your family, pets, plants or leave stains on hard surfaces like the chemical products do. They also do not leave any unsightly mess such as blackening when moss is treated.
Drainage is sometimes overlooked and often essential in many areas of your garden. Lawns are one such key area. We can install land drainage and have even developed a much less intrusive drainage method for smaller gardens that is unique to us. Give us a call for a free quote.
Tree & Hedge Planting
Planting trees and hedges can be done at anytime of year and we can help you through the process of design, selection, supply, delivery and planting.

Commercial and agricultural tree/hedge planting is no problem. A corner coppice, shelterbelt, impact amenity or regenerative planting on any ground suits us. The Arncliffe hillside was too steep for vehicles but all 4,500 native hardwoods were hauled and planted by hand replenishing the clear fell.
Turfing & Wildflower Meadows
We carry out a large amount of turfing projects from pre cut rolls to seeding and wildflower meadows.

Wild meadow planting is coming back into fashion and the benefits for your enjoyment and your garden’s health are too many to list here. Low maintenance and biodiverse, the health of your garden will benefit enormously as well.
Snow Clearances & Gritting
Snow seams to cause havoc in the UK, even a few centimeters apparently! Keeping access areas such as pathways and driveways operational combined with gritting, keeps us all moving.

Commercial sites are managed on a proactive basis and can be included in our commercial maintenance packages.
Hard Surface Cleaning
Pressure washing removes any dirt and grime from patios, driveways, pathways and decking. Our specialist equipment is hard on dirt but soft on the jointing and looks very much like a lawn mower. No more ruined patio joints with us (subject to prior condition of course).

We also have an algae and moss treatment for pathways and driveways which is 100% organic.

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