Hedge Cutting

Hedges are a fantastic option in gardens, they look great, provide shelter and food for wildlife and add a dynamic dimension to a garden. 

When cutting and trimming hedges, each reacts differently to being cut and how the growth re-emerges. There is far more to it than wielding a pair of high power cutting shears!

At Mossy Rock we will give you expert advice on the correct time to cut your hedge along with the expert opinion of which style to cut it in. Our team specialise in hedge reductions, hedge thickening and formal cutting.

Hedge Planting & Design

We plant meters upon meters of hedging a year! This includes your standard hedge types such as conifer and laurel through to bespoke hedge varieties for both domestic and commercial jobs.

Whether you’re looking to incorporate ornamental hedges into your garden or add mixed hedges to provide wildlife with a diverse and sustainable food source and hedge screening, Mossy Rock can help! Contact us today for more advice.

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