Lawn Care Program

Keep your lawn looking healthy and growing strongly. All of our lawn treatments are 100% organic as standard except one that can be avoided quite easily. No chance of any harm to you, your family, pets, plants or hard surface staining.

The joy that a well kept lawn gives is almost unmatched. A large amount of my childhood memories that I have, revolve around playing in the sunshine on the lawn.
  • 9 Lawn treatments available
  • 4 Treatments available for regular basic lawn care package
  • 7 Treatments inculded in our enhanced lawn care package 
  • Payments options spread over per visit, 6 months or 12 months
  • Our lawn care products are all organic (barring only the one!)
  • Products will not stain hard surfaces
  • No risk of harm to your family, pets, the environment and you
  • Top dressing, drainage & overseeding are optional extras
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