Snow Clearances & Gritting

Winter Gritting

Pedestrian pathways, driveways or commercially sized area such as car parks can be gritted on call or as part of your maintenance packages.
We use several weather reporting services in order to implement pro active and reactive salting services. We are also on call 24/7 if you really need us.
Gritting works after the salt has been spread and ground up by traffic. Pro active gritting has the salt spread before the cold weather comes so the ground is prepared prior to any freezing.
  • Can be included in your regular maintenance pricing plan
  • Proactive and reactive salting
  • We use white salt for private housing and around doorways to reduce inside damage and mess
  • Brown salt is used throughout open areas and on large scale properties.
Snow Clearance

We uses snow ploughs and snow augers to remove snow from pathways and access areas in order to keep them operational. Combined with gritting, we can all keep moving.

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