You ´Rill´ Like This

Project Rill

The brief was to turn an area of land that had a derelict berry cage, overgrown woodland coppice, fallen down dawrf wall greenhouse, concrete flags of various sizes and a old timber shed; into an area tht could be enjoyed as an outside room where you could eat and relax. The original plan was for the summerhouse to be an outside office but is now used for breakfast, lunch, coffee and dinner so often that it is now just an extension of the interior.

A substantial water feature was a must alongside some planting done in a mediteranian style. There also had to be fresh herbs ready for BBQ's and for scent. What followed was journey full of very wet holes, lots of mud and stuck heavy machinery but the reult is calming and spectacular.
Sealing the rill was a challenge and could have been done several ways. The option that we took was to use the GRP system which is essentially like fibre glass and is used on flat roofs mainly. This system is tough, durable, maintenance free and garunteed to last a lifetime. The GRP system can also be pigmented to suit. The end rill was always going to have river cobbles as the rill bed so this would disguise the GRP to a large extent. We could have built brockwork and or flagged the base ontop of the GRP system if needed as an alternative finish.

The planting, a white gravel pathway, a very stylish fence and raised planters have been installed. This was always a two part project with the second half taking place in 2018 with more planting and the area at the rear to sort out as well as a bespokly designed artisan wall to put in.
The planting stage one in full bloom
The bespoke fence with a lovely softening curve in it. White gravel pathway and the raised beds.