Border Design & Planting
We have undertaken many weird and wonderful garden projects. Taking your garden from concept to design and planting.

Our unique amenity planting is perfect and striking for businesses and offices. We will design your areas to be high impact and low maintenance, whilst providing interest throughout the year.
Turfing and Wildflower Meadows
We carry out a large amount of turfing projects from pre cut rolls to seeding and wildflower meadows.

Wild meadow planting is coming back into fashion and the benefits for your enjoyment and your garden’s health are too many to list here. Low maintenance and biodiverse, the health of your garden will benefit enormously as well.
Tree & Hedge Planting
Planting trees and hedges can be done at anytime of year and we can help you through the process of design, selection, supply, delivery and planting.

Commercial and agricultural tree/hedge planting is no problem. A corner coppice, shelterbelt, impact amenity or regenerative planting on any ground suits us. The Arncliffe hillside was too steep for vehicles but all 4,500 native hardwoods were hauled and planted by hand replenishing the clear fell.
Walls are very diverse and have many uses, even as seating! Retaining walls can look fantastic, especially with some planting behind them. Level your lawn with a mini ha-ha for that countryside estate look. Develop an bit of shelter for an entertainment area. Walling really does provide the backbone to many gardens.
Patios & Terraces
Patios have been very popular for a while and serve a very important purpose for garden enjoyment. They also make a great entertaining area... obviously.
Fencing & Gates
Post and rail
Stock fencing
Berry cages
Estate metal fencing
Panel fencing
Ponds & Water Features
Ponds with water features
Wildlife ponds
Bog gardens
Standard decking