Commercial Services

Mossy Rock’s commercial team will maintain, install and advise you on every aspect of keeping your grounds and internal spaces immaculate and in good health.

Nothing says more to your clients than a first impression with ‘wow’ factor. We can cater any budget and any project no matter how big within the North East and North Yorkshire area.

We have a unique approach to designing internal flower displays as well as providing very flexible outdoor landscaping design and planting. Being the founder of the company I am passionate about my business as well, which puts me a position to exploit my knowledge of marketing and subliminal messaging through the medium of plants. We will create a display that can promote your companies image as well as create an atmosphere that settles your clients into who you are and the passion you have for product.

Winter services includes proactive salting, emergency salting, snow clearances, leaf collection, pathway cleaning and salting. Attention to detail, commitment and reliability are considered a basic standard here at Mossy Rock; coupled with our products and our own individual passion, we have a lot of fun and truly truly believe in our message and ethos.

Our grounds maintenance services:
Education & Sport
Pitch maintenance of the highest standard sets an image for any sports team or school when players, students, staff and the public come to enjoy their chosen activities. Using our own innovative maintenance techniques and environmentally beneficial products, we can provide not only a very smart and maintained outside environment; but a very safe one for people enjoy the space even more.
Corporate Grounds Maintenance
Every green landscaped or natural place is vital to our wellbeing. We look after and manage a wide variety of ‘green’ spaces from purely lawn maintenance through to border maintenance and installation. We cater for the small and simple briefings through to the most rigorous of expectations. The greater the challenge the the more our passionate fire for natural spaces is stoked.
Internal Landscaping
Internal landscaping can include many features. Simple pot planting through to jaw dropping displays that stop customers and staff alike in their tracks to admire and absorb the energy that flora produce. We specialise in tailoring your inside space to your company brand. Firsts impressions can make or break a customer’s trust in your product or service. Subliminal messaging comes in a huge variety of forms and through flora, messages can be passed to your clients, it can solidify your brand image, calm and invite the clients into your company ethos and at a base level it shows that you care about your internal space.
Staying in your establishment is an experience that you have worked hard to create and provide your guests. Be it holiday makers, corporate clients or people just passing through; guests want to feel relaxed and at home by being absorbed into the experience that you have provided. It all starts with a maintained exterior.
Public Open Spaces
Spaces that are open to the public require a great deal of care and attention, not only to the plants and the environment but all the safety and the enjoyment of the public. Our products have been carefully sourced in order to not stain hard surfaces, harm pets or scorch shrubs like every chemical product I have come across. We only have one chemical application in our entire company repertoire…one day there will be an effective solution for our predicament which we use as a last resort and sparingly.
Health & Safety
Mossy Rock takes health and safety very seriously. Our staff are well trained and well equipped in order to avoid any safety issues; but if they should occur they are also able to handle the issue.
We work closely with a local florist’s, one of which grows their own stock within a lovely walled garden. Bespoke arrangements for any event can be quickly and diligently designed for the occasion, with our typical eye for detail and uniqueness.
Winter Maintenance
Snow Clearance
Leaf Clearance
Met Office Weather Updates
Hard Surface Cleaning
Moss & Algae Removal
Woodland Management
Litter Picking
Our roots have always been out the wilds and fencing is a staple part of services.