GOING GREEN | Top tips on mindful living

Simple changes to your home can make it a much greener space to live.

Green living used to be about separating waste into different containers for recycling and that’s pretty much it for us high flying earthlings. But there are many more cost effective and non- timely approaches to eco-friendly living that we can all use to lower our carbon footprint. We have put together 5 top tips to create a greener home:
  • Indoor Plants: Seen as though we’re organic gardeners it would be rude no to start with nature. Growing indoor plants are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they act as natural air filters and effective trappers of nasties and pollutants that come from electrical appliances and soft furnishing for example. Some specifically helpful plants are rubber plants, spider plants, ferns and palm trees. 
  • Get in the Garden: Planting an edible garden with veg and herbs can help to reduce air pollution and soil erosion and provide a local veg source. Avoid toxic pesticides and go for organic garden products. Creating a little compost heap will generate an organic compost for your garden; you can use green waste from the kitchen such as tea leaves, fruit and veg peelings, coffee grounds and eggshells. By doing this you are helping to reduce landfill also. 
  • Buy locally sourced food: This is likely to have had a shorter field to folk journey, meaning it hasn’t been flown halfway round the world wrapped in layers of plastic. Along with supporting local farmers, your food is likely to contain more nutrients. Also, choose organic when possible; we use Riverford (https://www.riverford.co.uk/) for our fruit and veg when not grown in the garden. They also recycle all the packaging if you leave it out for them.
  • Save energy: Let the sun shine in (easier said than done in Britain) but when you can, turn off the lights. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs; we switched to utilities warehouse meaning all your bills are under one roof, less paper and free LED light bulbs fitted throughout the house. Get unplugged; computers, tv’s, all electric devises.
  • Use non-toxic cleaners: Get rid of all that chemical rubbish and use a homemade 50/50 distilled witch hazel and distilled water mix or a shop bought eco-friendly cleaner like method (smells beautiful) and much more environmentally friendly. 
We have covered a few ways towards utilizing your greener home. Small steps lead to much larger and more profound results.