One of the things the mossy team enjoys most about our working day is to be able solve problems for our lovely customers; these problems arise in all shapes and sizes. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy customer when you’ve helped them out with a problem or irritability in the garden.

Recently, our team have been working hard on bringing back an overgrown newly purchased house garden. We have been busy little bees shaping laurel hedges, cutting back conifer hedges, mowing a 2-foot-high lawn and a general tidy up, so that when the new homers return it’s all ready for them to settle in.

During our big garden clean we noticed some Japanese Knotweed. A rather attractive weed, with bamboo like stems and aggressive determination to invade your garden, rip up your driveway and have a rooting system that can penetrate down three meters.

Classed as an invasive species, as a contractor we would be fined £5000 if we removed the weed as waste and ‘planted’ a new colony of Japanese Knotweed. Home owners can have it on their land but must not let it spread to other properties without risking two years in prison and a £2500 fine. Properties have been known to decrease in value by as much as 40% or be unsalable due to the presence of Japanese Knotweed.

The technique for removal should be carried out by a professional who will treat the Knotweed via systemic injection. This treatment will be carried out over three years. The infested area must then be monitored for two years with clear results for your property to be declared clear of any Japanese Knotweed.

The Japanese Knotweed had spread from the neighbouring farmers field. The estate agents had also declared on their sales documents that there was specifically no Japanese Knotweed present on the property; this was a named category within the document with a check list declaring Japanese Knotweed by name. We were able to advise and direct the new home owner as to a legal course of action in order to resolve the situation and save the value of his property. This was all down to our expertise and plant identification which was verified by two other specialist Japanese Knotweed companies.

We were happy to have identified this knotweed before it made the leap into the next-door neighbours. As a result we had two happy families with professional knotweed care and we even got a new client on board; the neighbours.